"Dvor Srbija", a new reality show in TV Pink (Serbia)

A new serbian reality show "Dvor Srbija" (Castle Serbia) will begin to air on January 16th. According to predictions of experts this show will be even more famous than "Big Brother" and "Farm".
"Everything is ready for the start of a new reality show "Dvor Srbija", which will surely break all records in the audience and offer local audiences something they have not had a chance to see. Every day I am in contact with my colleagues and all with full vigor and enthusiasm waiting for the show begin! Quantum of the award will be in royal style, and all other participants will be paid as royals too, "said Mitrovic.

"Dvor Srbija" will be leading according to official announcements of TV Pink's Natasa Pavlovic and Bosko Jakovljevic, and the participants will be famous celebrities, not only from Serbia, but from the whole Balkan. We still don't know officially who are the participants, but possible stars who will enter the castle on 16th of January are Maja Nikolic, Nigor, Milos Bojanic, Djus, Firci, Ekrem Jevric, Vendi, Miroljub Arandjelovic Kemis, Joca Stefanovic, Boki 13, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Sasa Djani Curcic and Miki Djuricic. We shall see whether the predictions are correct.

During the 45 day participants will live in a castle on a very high level - like kings and queens, princes and princesses, servants and slaves, court jesters or lady of easy morals, and to fight for a huge cash prize (figure is still unknown).

This medieval castle is for six months secretly built in Simanovci, and how we learn will be very lavish and glamorous furnishings, with many sleeping rooms with beds with canopy, and large ballrooms.

"Dvor Srbija" reality show was the licence idea of people with TV Pink, which was developed in cooperation with one well-known American production company.